Amazon ECR Image Scan Results with Slack Notification

Amazon ECR Image Scan Results with Slack Notification

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·May 16, 2020·

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Amazon EventBridge (CloudWatch Events) detects the image scan execution and starts the Lambda function.
The Lambda function uses the DescribeImages API to get a summary of the scan results, formatting them and notifying Slack.

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Example of notification

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Click on an image name to go to the scan results page.

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Getting Started

The source code of Lambda function is here.


Use python 3.7 or 3.8 for runtime.
The latest AWS SDK (boto3) is required to get a summary of the scan results.
You can include it in the function deployment package, but I recommend using Lambda Layers.
Allow ecr:DescribeImages in Lambda's execution role.
You need to set Slack's WEBHOOK_URL in the environment variable.

When the image scan is complete, the following event will be fired in the Event Bridge.

    "version": "0",
    "id": "85fc3613-e913-7fc4-a80c-a3753e4aa9ae",
    "detail-type": "ECR Image Scan",
    "source": "aws.ecr",
    "account": "123456789012",
    "time": "2019-10-29T02:36:48Z",
    "region": "us-east-1",
    "resources": [
    "detail": {
        "scan-status": "COMPLETE",
        "repository-name": "my-repo",
        "image-digest": "sha256:7f5b2640fe6fb4f46592dfd3410c4a79dac4f89e4782432e0378abcd1234",
        "image-tags": []

The describe_images method retrieves a summary of the scan results.

Boto 3 Documentation ECR

This is an example of a describe_images response.

    "imageDetails": [
            "registryId": "123456789012",
            "repositoryName": "amazonlinux",
            "imageDigest": "sha256:7f5b2640fe6fb4f46592dfd3410c4a79dac4f89e4782432e0378abcd1234",
            "imageTags": [
            "imageSizeInBytes": 61283455,
            "imagePushedAt": 1572489492.0,
            "imageScanStatus": {
                "status": "COMPLETE",
                "description": "The scan was completed successfully."
            "imageScanFindingsSummary": {
                "imageScanCompletedAt": 1572489494.0,
                "vulnerabilitySourceUpdatedAt": 1572454026.0,
                "findingSeverityCounts": {
                    "HIGH": 9,
                    "LOW": 5,
                    "MEDIUM": 18

To detect only scan completion events, a custom event pattern is specified in the creation of a new rule for EventBridge.

  "source": [
  "detail-type": [
    "ECR Image Scan"


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